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Excellence – Service – Strength in Unity

Nampa Fire Department values working as a team to serve the citizens of Nampa with integrity, compassion, professionalism and safety. In order to reduce the increasing risk to the lives and property of our community and the safety of our first responders some changes have been made. The Nampa Fire Protection District has annexed the City of Nampa to deliver fire and EMS services. 

The level of service Nampa citizens receive directly relates to adequate response times.

Ideal response time 6 minutes 20 seconds. 

Current response time is 8 minutes 17 seconds. 

How are your Nampa Fire Protection District Taxes calculated?


The 2020 levy rate was .001720915 

$172.09 per $100,000 

June 2020 Median Home value $288,000 

$288,000 – $100,000 (exemption) = $188,000  

$188,000 x .001720915 = $323.53 NFPD tax 


The 2021 levy rate will be .001508199 

$150.08 per $100,000 

Same home $288,000 x 125% = $360,000 

$360,000 – $125,000 (exemption) = $235,000 

$235,000 x .001508199 = $354.42 NFPD tax

The levy “rate” decreased while value increased causing residential to shoulder more of the tax burden than commercial and industrial.


In 2020, 3,000 calls were outside of a station coverage area.


  • Provide stable Fire Department Funding
  • Allows long term planning that increases efficiency
  • Budget capacity to build stations as needed
  • Transparent governance with a singular focus


Valuation Residential values increased 25%, while
commercial values increased 5%. This differential shifts tax
burden to residential property owners.

GPSGI rebound of $8.5 million In 2021, this amount was provided to the city for public safety labor in order to generate a one-time property tax reduction of approximately $261.00 for an average home within the city of Nampa valued at $350,000. In 2022, this amount returns to the property tax rolls.

HB 389 Increased the homeowner’s exemption to $125,000 but impaired the districts ability to generate taxes from new construction in order to fully allow growth to pay for growth.

Fire district annexation – The city is no longer responsible for fire and EMS services, the city reduced it’s budget by $10.5 million. The Nampa Fire Protection District is now responsible for all fire and EMS services, city property owners
will see a “Nampa Fire” line on their property tax bill.